Horváth Bence Pál: CatcheR In the RyE

Don’t worry this is a poem. I’m not gonna rap
But let’s get into it, because our story starts at Pencey Prep.
The main character’s name is Holden
Who is upset, bc there were some fencing equipments in the subway, and he lost them.
Everyone is aroused by the game against Saxon Hall
Except for Holden, he doesn’t care about it at all.
I forgot to tell you his last name, Caulfiled, it’s kinda Scottish
In the meantime, Holden tells us why this place is rubbish.
Everyone is a PHONY!
Just like the creators of My Little Pony.
Also the school is in Pennsylvania
Which is as harmful, as leukemia.
So our hero is ready to say goodbye
Because he has to leave, he knows exactly why.
He visits his history teacher
But he gets tired of his pep talk, so he escapes from that geezer.
Holden goes back to his room, where he meets Robert Ackley
His neighbour, who is very unpleasant and his face is full of acne.
Then we get to know Holden’s roomate, Stradlater
Who is a jock, a secret slob and many women’s heartbreaker.
Turns out that he has a date
Judging by his name, he will be late.
Holden finds out, that it’s his childhood friend, Jane Gallagher
He has strong feelings towards Jane, but he is too yellow to tell her.
Stradlater, the plastic terminator asks Holden to write his homework.
I always knew this guy was gonna be a top jerk!)
He accepts his roomate’s request. He writes about his dead brother’s, Allie’s baseball mit
Holden got a bit depressed talking about it.
The local hotshot comes back, he has arrived
And with Holden’s performance he is unsatisfied.
Holden is tormented by the thoughts of the date’s events, so he confronts Stradlater
But he punches him back, and says see ya later!
Holden makes up his mind, he is finally leaving
With his bags, coat, red hunting hat and with his nose bleeding.
He goes to the station, gets on a train
At this point everything is still simple and plain.
He meets lots of people, mostly women
But he just can’t get along with them.
He pays to a prostitute named Sunny
Nothing happens, also he didn’t give enough money.
That’s why he gets beaten up again
But it’s not the injury, which causes the bigger pain.
He can’t see the brighter side
All he thinks about is suicide:(
The next day he called another girl, Sally

They agreed to meet up, and then Holden went to fill up his belly.
After breakfast Holden goes for a walk
He buys a record for his sister, Phoebe and heads to the park.
The singing little boy makes him happy, it can calm him
He is very chilled, like he was on ketamin:D
Holden finally calls up Jane
Her mother answers, so he hangs up cause he wanna remain Sane!! (not Leroy)
Then he goes to the Natural History Museum, where everything stayed the same
Everytime he was there, the only thing that was different was himself
First time, he couldn’t even reach the top shelf
And now he struggles with mental health.
At 2 o’clock Holden goes to his meeting
But the girl is late, so he can’t do nothing, besides waiting.
When she finally showed up, they went straight to the theater
But Holden doesn’t like these plays, he thinks puking would be better.
Also it really annoys Holden, that Sally is flirting with another guy
Hearing their conversation, Holden’d prefer to die**
After that show, which was rather irritating
Holden and Sally go ice-skating.
While drinking, Holden offers Sally tor un away with him, to spend with him the rest of her life
Run away, live in a cabin, maybe become his wife.
She ridicules him, they are clearly not ont he same page
Holden gets angry, insults her, flies into rage
After this, the date is over
Holden doesn’t have much to do, so he invites Carl Luce somewhere.
He agrees to come to this peculiar occasion
They have lots of awkward conversation
At the end Carl advices Holden to go to his father for psychoanalyzation.
Holden once again stays alone
Gets very drunk, and calls Sally on the phone.
It’s very late now, so he annoys her and her grandmother.G
He tries flirting with some other
But they don’t even bother.
He walks to the Central Park, to check ont he ducks
And he realises, that he is low ton money, he only has bucks!!!
At the pond he worries about getting sick, what would his funeral be like, that’s what he’s thinking
He wants to see Phoebe, he plans to sneak in.
He goes home, hoping his parents are sleeping.
Holden successfully got in, woke her up
Phoebe welcomed her with a big hug!!
At first she was very happy
But then she realised Holden was kicked out, then she became angry.
She was silent for some minutes, then she did a huge rant
But she was only upset, bc to her Holden is important.
She was worried about Holden, she was nervous
She told him he was not interested in anything, he has no purpose.
The parents came back, Holden had to hide
They smelled the cigarette, but Phoebe handled it, she lied.
He left Phoebe to sleep, then he went back to his former teacher, Mr Antolin, who seemed pretty nice
He told Holden, that he has to grow up, gave some other good advice

But in the end Antolini turned out to be a ped
Holden didn’t hesitate, he left his apartement faster than a torpedo. (shoutout to Kvyat)
After that he went to sleep at the station
Holden was at his lowest, total desperation.
He felt sick, dizzy, headache, like he was gonna vomit anytime
He thought he had cancer, that’s what came up in his mind.
Holden didn’t do much, he thought about his future, his brother. He wanted to see Phoebe again
So he started running like a madman.
He lef t a message, told her to meet up, cause he will leave
Holden was worried, that she might not recieve.
She got his message
She wnated to go with Holden, so she brought a baggage.
Holden didn’t let her
She begged, cried. She got drier than leather.
Holden promised her, that he won’t go, more than once too
He told her she doesn’t have to go to school, if they go to the Zoo. (Zoolander and them men)
She was pissed, she had the dead look!!!
But when they saw the carousel, she let him off the hook.
Phoebe got on a horse and tried to catch the golden ring
Holden wanted to tell her no, butt he let her do her own thing
The music was pleasant, but then it started raining
Holden watched his sister in the rain, and he just had this very happy feeling
Our hero refuses to tell us more
And at this point the poem is just sore
We know that he is in hospital, and he is sick
But everyone asks him, which school will he pick
He told this story to a lot of people, for example D.B.
But he regrets it, and tells us this
„Don’t ever tell anybody anything. If you do you start to miss…
Skrrrr. POP POP